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Maker Faire NC

Maker Faire NC is Coming!

Maker Faire is an annual event organized by the people who bring us MAKE Magazine.  Maker Faire:NC is a fully sanctioned event but is being planned and coordinated by Raleigh/Durham locals. It brings together Makers, Crafters, Inventors, Evil Geniuses, Scientists, Artists, and anyone else interested in learning from NC, SC, VA, DC, and beyond. Maker […]

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Nativity plus Olive

Olive and the Baby Jesus

This is our family nativity set, dutifully brought out every year, repeatedly organized by miscellaneous boys, periodically misplaced, wholly enjoyed. Joseph is always the most dishevelled looking; once his hair came partially unglued he was never the same. Several animals have disappeared over the years (I personally miss the chicken), and once in a while […]

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Deer Bully: You’re Going Down

Besides the fact that this story features the triumph of a good deer over a clearly bad one, I like that the entire narrative is a single sentence. I was slightly disappointed that the knuckle sandwich never got delivered, but I also realize the author may have been facing some physiological issues he hadn’t encountered […]

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The Girl Effect

Thanks to Megan Heuter and her blog Because I Played Sports, I finally saw this incredible advocacy campaign called the Girl Effect. In Kenya, 1.6 million girls are high school dropouts. If they could finish their secondary education, they would make 30% more money – and contribute $3.2 billion to the Kenyan economy every year. […]

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women's soccer

Elizabeth Lambert, Part 2

The Elizabeth Lambert story has captured tremendous mainstream attention and generated some good conversation (and some garbage, of course). After posting my own response, reading widely and talking intently about the video, I believe that there are two really helpful questions we should be centering our discussion around: In this hypercompetitive society, what do we […]

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