Kale, Chicken and Bell Pepper Salad

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Kale is just gorgeous, isn’t it? It’s probably my second-favorite green to have in salads (spinach is my favorite), and it is loaded with healthy goodness. Lots of dietary fiber and loads of vitamins A, C and K, plus plenty of folate. I bought this lovely green variety of kale from the local Farmer’s Market […]

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Red Pepper Hummus Wrap

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Take a look at this incredible food, and don’t be a hater. I started with a whole-wheat, low-carb wrap, which I always have in the fridge unless the boys have been voraciously eating them and I’ve not been to the grocery. They have a total of 15 g of carbs, but 8 grams are dietary […]

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Hot Pepper Confusion

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I never cooked with them growing up, and now I can’t seem to figure out which peppers are which. My grocery store does not help me, as you can see. If they would simply line up the correct sign over the correlative peppers, I’d maybe get closer to cooking with these marvelous creatures. The sign […]

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Fabulous Fall Guacamole Recipe

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The Husband gets 10 extra Man Points for surprising me with this delicious weekend-starter. Hell, he gets 20! I’m feeling expansive, and you would too if you were about to dig into summa this. AND, lucky you! I just happened to see his recipe jotted down on a World Wildlife Fund notepad (depicting an adorable […]

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