quantum physics

why I love xkcd

I spent a good part of the last two days reconfiguring my hardware set-up, and trying to add some software as well. There were moments in which I felt like I was wobbling along the event horizon of a black hole. Then there was xkcd (which, dear reader, I have added to my must-clicks for […]

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Get Back Wonder Woman!

The features of Wonder Woman’s wrist cuffs: 1. Can stop bullets The features of the Maker’s wrist cuff: 1. Screen One: Text messaging 2. Screen Two: Video conferencing 3. Button One: Ice (“If you are on a cliff, and there’s another cliff across from you, you can make an ice bridge across to the other […]

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Slice of Life: The Perfect Saturday

For the first time in over a decade I have some Saturdays off. It’s astonishing how wonderful they are, assuming you have no intention of grocery shopping or cleaning bathrooms. Here’s what my fabulous Saturday looked like: 1. Sleep late 2. Join the Ice in the kitchen where he’s making a double batch of biscuits. […]

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