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Boy Bling

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I had a vague idea that the Maker was collecting can tabs, but I had never seen this monstrously marvelous super-G chain of eco-money until he came downstairs with it on. As you can see from the sheer number of tabs — would you guess 500? he doesn’t know how many there are — he’s […]

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Happy Halloween

Halloween Central was at Meme and Papa’s house; the First and the Ice handed out candy while the Maker (dressed as an “army guy”) trick-or-treated around our block. You can see the Jack carving pics on my Flickr.

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Eat Free Every Night

I wasn’t terribly surprised by the content of this video. I’ve known a few people (who were not homeless) who regularly eat the food our country throws away. I’ve been a part of the system that tries to reclaim some of it by taking it to shelters and even sending it to (yep) pig farms. […]

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Magic Star marshmallow shape voting

The Marshmallow Mateys thing has got me going. I have GOT to quit buying these terribly sugary wonderful cereals. These are Magic Stars, as you can see. What I’m trying to figure out is WHAT on earth the marshmallow shapes represent. Here’s The Husband’s guesses (from left to right) and my own. Please feel free […]

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Yesterday we dyed our eggs and this morning at 7:15 am we released the screaming hordes into our chilly Easter backyard to hunt down 39 eggs. They were stuck to the side of the house, hanging from trees, camouflaged in the gravel or garden, and (a couple) in plain sight. I hope we didn’t wake […]

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found in the laundry

1. Five hand-written notes, scribbled and folded. One is from a girl. Some words are in (bad) Spanish.2. One hand-made $5 bill.3. Six candy wrappers, including Snickers fun-size, Three Musketeers, Hershey Kissed, and Reeses Peanut Butter Minis. (Where do they get all this candy?)4. One key ring with ten old keys on it.

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Mid-Morning Suburbia

I had my wasabi peas and Dr. Sparkle in a wineglass (the Dr. Sparkle was in the wineglass, not the peas), and the Husband and I were sitting happily working on our computers in the kitchen together, communicating by email. I left to go sew a button on my shirt, and while rummaging through my […]

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Waking the Maker

I trudged upstairs this morning to wake up the Maker, who had an 8 am basketball game. I found him curled up on his bed in his frog blanket, fully clothed from last night, pillow on the floor. As he sleepily unfolded himself he inexplicably reached into the cargo pockets of his camoflauge pants and […]

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8 am downtown: tattoo parlor, homeless people, and art

I love this city. Recently I had occasion to notice that the tattoo parlor downtown was open for business at 8 am. Either that or someone, in the sleep-deprived fog of the wee hours, forgot to turn off the neon “OPEN” sign in the window. I don’t know why I like the thought of tattoo […]

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‘burb nest

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