Here are the Players:

From the left, that’s The Ice, The First, and The Maker, with Wack-O-Wax ‘staches. They picked their own blog names long ago (I started this thing in 2006), without realizing they would be my First Ice Maker. Actual names are (from the left): Isaac, Canaan, and Seth. Teenage geniuses, all. Plus adorable!

Oh, and then there’s me and my man in some bar. He’s been in one band or another for as long as I’ve known him (we met in 1980). Therefore there’s a lot of pictures of us in bars on the interwebs.

But not a lot of pictures of our boys in mustaches.

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Here’s more stuff.


I’m a competitive boxer. My first home team was at LA Boxing in Cary, NC. Then I trained in a gravel lot with Jay Fury. I still do that, but now my home team is with Second Round in Raleigh. You can read some of my boxing Q & A (which I wrote before I had my first, second, third, or fourth fight) or just click the Boxing tab at the top for the latest.

These days, in addition to continuing to train and spar, I’m also a certified USA Boxing coach, referee, and judge. The views stated herein do not necessarily represent etc. etc. You know the drill.


In elementary school I wore orthopedic shoes, braces, and thick glasses. I also had a homemade pink polyester pantsuit. Today I feel beautiful, and it has absolutely nothing to do with my weight, body shape, or clothes.

Freak Factor

You think women boxing is weird? Guess what: I don’t have a television. Haven’t, for most of my life. Now that’s weird. Here’s what the Maker has to say about it:


I (accidentally) saw Elvis dead.

Olive & Henry

Olive and Henry finally have their own tab. And now Rocky has joined them!