action hero screen test

The Husband (as I’m watching the trailer for Stardust – scroll to 2.00 to see the goods): Yeah, the ol’ “swing from a chandelier” schtick. Standard.
Me: You have to have a sword to make it work right.
TH: And you have to grab the rope before you slash, otherwise the chandelier crashes to the ground and you can’t get up to the balcony across the room full of bad guys.
Me: That’s always a bummer. I like it better when the guy pulls the trick off while holding a woman clothed in a long skinny gown of white silk. A Fay Wray kind of outfit. With strappy high-heeled sandals.
TH: I’m pretty sure the chandelier dealie is part of the screen test for any action hero.
Me: Like they hand you a sword, point to the chandelier, and say “Do your stuff, hotshot. Roll ’em!”
TH: If you can’t do it, you’re out of the running. Simple as that.
Me: You could do it. You’re my hero.
TH: You should get you one of those white silk dresses.
Me: Maybe I will. But I’m going to wear tennis shoes underneath. Or Doc Martins, possibly.

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  1. Anthony April 4, 2008 at 11:26 am #

    Oh man… this is hilarious. Very nice.

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