adding gomez

to the 20th anniversary rock-n-roll mixtape. I fell in love with Gomez when I heard their smooth and quirky tune “These Three Sins” on the Catch and Release soundtrack. Then I found their body of work to be an incredibly diverse, with something for nearly every mood. They definitely give the impression that they are at their best in live performances. These two tracks will serve as some of the slower (but still bounce-in-your-seat) tunes. So, now adding, from the disc How We Operate:

1. Woman! Man!
Which has the feel of a live-venue audience singalong, doesn’t it? Who can resist singing “sha-la-la”?

2. Girlshapedlovedrug
Totally fun lyrics, and the name brings back memories of Prince (DanceMusicSexRomance) and Gwennie S. (LoveAngelMusicBaby)

Cheers, Gomez!


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