Julaton Wins

Ana Julaton on Her Way to Becoming the Face of Women’s Boxing

While many of us were agonizing over the misfire of the Holm-Hernandez fight on December 4th, Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton (6-1-1) was battling her way toward her second world title in less than three months.

This woman’s jab is beautiful! Full extension, perfectly measured, amazing power. I watch her jab and I don’t regret a moment of the epic struggle to get my own jab in shape. Just seeing Donna Biggers’s face after the fight in the video above was a reminder of just how devastating this single punch — perfectly executed — can be.

Julaton WinsIn the December ’09 title fight with Donna Biggers (19-9-1) that jab is what kept Julaton’s opponent at bay. I also saw lots of big, swinging overhand rights that took a toll as well, and every time I hear the sharp pop of one of Julaton’s devastating ribshots I wince in sympathy and hope my own hooks keep coming along.

While the World Boxing Council investigates the confusion around the Bad Blood scene of Melissa “The Hurican” Hernandez and Holly Holm, another “Hurricane” is taking the boxing world by storm. Julaton is taking a break for the holidays, but has her eyes on yet another world title.

This is a woman to watch.

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