Avatar: Aliens plus Strong Women, Sign Me Up

Anyone can tell you that I’m not a huge movie buff, so when one catches my attention it’s a standout. I love sci fi, drama, and most especially strong female characters (surprise!).

Avatar is crammed with cliches and I can tell you right now how it’s going to end but I don’t even care. I have to see movies with alien planets (or moons of alien planets: hello, Ewoks!); from Hyperion to Darkover to Dune, I love ’em. Discworlds, Smoke Rings, they’re all freaky wonderful and I’m compelled to immerse myself in the flora and fauna.

Now, put Lt. Ripley in it, and I’m aaaaallll over it. Sigourney Weaver can save the planet, or not, depending on how bad you piss her off. And Avatar has Michelle Rodriguez, one of my fave actresses from Blue Crush (she played Eden, and was far more compelling than Kate Bosworth; she was also the boxer chick in Girlfight). As if that weren’t enough, we get Nyota Uhura of Star Trek, which would be the very sexy Zoe Saldana.

I think there’s some dudes in it too.

Special thanks to Rob Mars over at the Athletic Women blog for the heads-up on this one. Avatar opens on December 18th.

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