B Minus 17

Only 17 days until my girlfriend beach trip! Today I bought these sparkly silver flip flops: just substitute sand for clover and I’m almost there. I might even go all out and paint my toenails! These feet have never experienced nail polish before (it’s hard not to make “silk purse – sow’s ear” analogies) but hey — you never know what might happen when a girlfriend beach trip is just around the bend.

Two great things from last year’s girlfriend beach trip:

1. I took my running shoes but was too busy laying on the beach to run.
2. Following the “must try a drink you’ve never had before” rule, I enjoyed my first mojito (spearmint, rum, lime, brown sugar, soda water) at the Tiki bar.

Question: how could it possibly be any better?

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  1. Erin July 18, 2014 at 10:23 am #

    Yeah, save the running for later. Beach time is for chilling out. 🙂

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