beach report

Unexpected guests
I adore my girlfriends, but from now on I will always arrive at the beach a day early; that was an awesome idea. Best part of the Day Before: I went for a run to de-stress (apparently Bad Lisa did not even go to the beach), and as I was turning in off the beach road into a small park, I noticed several waist-high signs. I assumed they were historical markers. I jogged easily around a good-sized brackish inlet on a paved path and watched a guy throwing a tennis ball out into the inlet for his terrier to fetch. Cute. More signs. What’s up with all the signs, I wondered. Finally I stopped to read one. “Please don’t feed the alligators,” it warned. I glanced up at the little wet terrier and thought, “Because obviously they can feed themselves.” Honestly, I would have warned the guy but he and his McSnack dog were gone by the time I reached the other side of the inlet.

Product discoveries
I love going through all my girlfriends’ makeup, lotion, and etc. Top two items: 1. Caress Glowing Touch Silkening Body Wash. Now every time I use it I think of the beach. And 2. Spray-on sunscreen. I have been wondering about this for years, don’t know why it took ’em so long to make the product. Keeps you from scorching your back if you’re alone at the beach. Sadly, my drugstore only carries one brand, and it costs ten bucks for a small can. Still. Finally, I loved the fruity, “watermelon twist” gum somebody had, but have not found it yet in the store. This may be because I can’t remember the brand, name, or color, which may possibly be related to the beverage report below.

Beverage results
The Rule is, you have to have one drink at the beach that you’ve never had before (admittedly not a tremendous challenge). Our team of four tried the following drinks:
1. CB Iced Tea (This one was mine, and I liked it so well I a) ordered it repeatedly and b) plan to find the recipe eventually.)
2. Ocean Potion
Stoli Vanilla, Malibu, Midori, pineapple, and sweet and sour mix.
3. Wahine Wallop
Banana rum, Peach schnapps, Midori, juice
4. Coconut Kiss
Kahlua, Malibu, pineapple

Confessions and bad behavior
We tried not to make jokes about the atrocious comb-over that our waiter favored. Bald at 22, his mother never warned him about combing his remaining thin hair from the back of his head up to his forehead, where it was styled into bangs. Yikes. Also, we had a blast doing the “signature” (only) dance moves we have ever seen our husbands do. That would be “stir the pot,” “raise the roof,” “hand jive” (best I can do, girls), and (added just after the trip was over) “cowboy guns”. Much hilarity.

Toast report
No one was lobsterized, french-fried, parboiled, or otherwise roasted.

Bliss fulfillment
The crowning touch on our trip had to be the dolphin pod, which cavorted and played and swam in front of us for quite a while. Awesome.

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