beezey week

Here’s my Bees-inspired playlist for the week. This awesome Nashville band was featured on NPR’s World Cafe, and their album Starry Gazey Pie made XM’s radio’s top 10 “Year in Review.” I’m probably remiss in not including anything from their newest album, “High Society,” but I’m too busy savoring SGP (enough to put their bling on my sidebar). For the list below I sprinkled in some favorite artists like The Weepies and The Be Good Tanyas, but otherwise these are new gems for me:

  1. Worth Taking, by Rob Blackledge, album: A Song Like This
  2. Destiny On the Lawn, by The Bees, album: Starry Gazey Pie
  3. Starry Gazey Pie, by The Bees, album: Starry Gazey Pie
  4. Cue the Sun, by Daphne Loves Derby, album: Good Night, Witness Light
  5. Gotta Have You, by The Weepies, album: Say I Am You
  6. Industry, by Jon McLaughlin, album: Indiana
  7. Philosophia, by The Guggenheim Grotto, album: Philosophia
  8. Opal’s Blues, by The Be Good Tanyas, album: Opal’s Blues
  9. Only Gravity, by The Bees, album: Starry Gazey Pie
  10. Life Is Beautiful, by Vega4, album: You and Others


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