bemine mixtape, part 4

I can’t quit listening to Cake! “Love You Madly” is awesome, and the Husband will dig the horns, being a former horn player himself and having an appreciation for them. The whole song just makes me want to turn on the oven, get out mixing bowls and flour and sugar, and tap big wooden spoons rhythmically on the countertop. I can so dig it. My favorite lyric is “When I kiss your lips / I want to sink down to the bottom / Of the sea.” I hope he likes it, too, cause it’s most definitely IN. The motorcycle at the end reminds me of Meatloaf. Maybe I’ll close with it.

“Magic in the Air” by Badly Drawn Boy, is at the top of my nice-piano-feel and great lyrics list. How about that opener: “We laughed so much that we cried all night / And you left your shoes in the tree with me / I’ll wear them to your house tonight / Magic in the air tonight” Man, that SO makes me wanna tell the story of the night he came over to my parent’s house for dinner on my 17th birthday… Yep, that just might be the opener for the list, even though he doesn’t already know the song.

I could follow it with Fleetwood Mac’s “Songbird.” I don’t think he’ll know the song, but he will know the group and that plus the piano may rope him right in. The lyrics are standard love song, but I like it.

Actually, since I’m thinking chronologically through our relationship now, I better go with James Morrison’s “You Give Me Something.” It’s the new-relationship-taking-the-next-step song. Melodic with a tempered voice I could listen to a lot. I’ve already spent WAY too much time on the website, watching this guy work his magic. I likes! Yeah.

Ok, now we can do a young guy/gal experiencing a few bruises. So let’s get Elliot Smith in there, or Art Garfunkel. Even though Smith has a pretty sad story, I think I’ll go with “Say Yes.” Hey, Kurt Kobain’s dead but I still like some of his music, too.

It’s too much to go from “Say Yes” to “All I Know,” so I’ll need to separate them. Robinella could easily be the cure with her flight of fancy “I Fall in Love as Much as I Can.”

I’ll put the Star’s On Peak Hill in toward the top. They remind me a little of the Shins, and that is a somewhat familiar sound for him. It’s a bit angsty, but still has the small-town-boy feeling.

Ok, gotta deal with Art Garfunkel’s “All I Know.” It’s quickly identifiable by the Husband, but the lyrics are bittersweet so it needs a down-list position.

Ryan Adams‘s “Oh My Sweet Carolina” is in there just for feeling. It has that ramblin-man-just-tryin’-ta-find-home thing going on. It’s quiet, folky, and contemplative. Does it go in the Luv mix here? Sure. I would put Billy Joel’s “Your My Home” in and it would fit better, but the Husband has that song and knows it and could sing it in his sleep, and… Hm. Maybe I should just put that one in. Keep considering this.

Jackson Browne’s “Love Needs a Heart” is out. It’s just not Valentine’s Day material. I’ll save it for a breakup list.

OK. Here’s a revised list. Now I just gotta listen to it through a few times then I will know.

Magic in the Air, Badly Drawn Boy
You Give me Something, James Morrison
Songbird, Fleetwood Mac
On Peak Hill, Stars
Say Yes, Elliot Smith
I Fall In Love As Much As I Can, Robinella
Make It With You, Bread
Oh My Sweet Carolina, Ryan Adams
All I Know, Art Garfunkel
More Than Love, Los Lonely Boys
Love You Madly, Cake

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