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Boxing and Breasts in the News, for Good and Ill

I know, I just posted on the freaky hybrid sport of chessboxing and now I have to talk about breasts and boxing and the 2012 Olympics. The tags on my blog are getting weirder and weirder.

SO. Here’s what’s up. There are several countries still that don’t like women participating in sports. In the 2008 Beijing Games, Oman, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates finally allowed women to compete. And I just posted last week about the Afghan women’s boxing team that will be permitted to wear Islamic dress while training and competing for the Olympics. Advances are being made!

However, according to the Associated Press Saudi Arabia and Brunei maintain a male-only policy. And International Olympic committee member and former prime minister of Tunisia, Mohamed Mzali, protested allowing women’s boxing in the 2012 London Games, saying. “I have difficulty in imagining young women, with good figures [fighting in the ring] and receive hard knocks on their breasts, which are meant to feed babies.”

Now there’s an amazing quote for this day and age. The problems with this quote just go on an on, don’t they?

But it just so happens that I came across the above story today at the same time that I saw another one: A venue in Miami, Florida is sponsoring a major boxing event this Friday in support of the World Campaign of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Everlast has created a pink canvas, all the fighters are going to wear pink gloves (it’s all guys!), and the promoters are asking the fans to come dressed in pink. In the main event former WBA Fedecentro and National Champion Wilfredo “Papin” Negron faces WBC Latin Jr. Welterweight Champion Antonio Pitalua in a bout scheduled for 12 rounds for the WBO Latin Welterweight title. I love the idea of all these fighters wearing pink gloves, dripping sweat onto a pink canvas, while a pink-clad crowd of fans shouts encouragement. In support of breast cancer awareness!

In a perfect world, this would be a major women’s title fight, and Mr. Mohamed Mzali (and delegates from Saudi Arabia and Brunei) would have complimentary ringside tickets. Between rounds, instead of ring card girls we’d have notable women, young and old, with “good figures” and ordinary figures, tell what powerful and wonderful things they’ve done (despite having breasts) and in addition to nursing their babies.

Yeah, that would just about do it.

Image by pattipics. Yep, it’s a floral breast. Fitting, don’t you think?

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2 Responses to Boxing and Breasts in the News, for Good and Ill

  1. Amy Jussel, Shaping Youth October 14, 2009 at 5:36 pm #

    Whoa Lisa, I’ll BET your tags ARE gettin’ some wild spam headed your way too. Crank up the filter mode! (I got a load of it when I posted “Can’t an A-lister be an A-Cup?” about Keira Knightley’s Robin Hood protest http://www.shapingyouth.org/?p=2003 )

    So pink boxing, eh? Why not? I guess if the NFL can get on board and boost ratings with pink think, boxing can too…anything for a good cause! (any desire to crosspost this on our site?) Ping me at the email above if you’re game. Meanwhile, I’m going to go look at your ‘chessboxing’ one too… Thx for the smile. @ShapingYouth
    .-= Amy Jussel, Shaping Youth´s last blog ..Reporting From the First Ever Tween Summit =-.

  2. Bonnie Mann June 23, 2010 at 8:55 pm #


    Once again another poignant message. Everlast and many promoters however have been supporting Breast Cancer Awareness with men and women wearing pink gloves for several years.

    As for these few remaining countries with their backward way of thinking…..well Rome wasn’t built in a day and we will not change everyone’s minds in a day either.

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