Boxing Update: Curiosity Killed the Cat

Ok, when I first posted about learning to box, I promised to keep you up to date. Those of you who see me regularly in real life have trouble getting me to Shut. Up. about it already. I even convinced one of my instructors to let me film him for (he’s a machine).

Up until now I’ve been working on a heavy bag, the focus mitts (a little) and that’s about it. So yesterday I stepped in to talk to the woman who runs LA Boxing here in Cary, Bonnie “Queen B” Mann, professional boxer for 13 years and world championship title holder — the first woman from NC to take home the Big Belt. And it IS a Big mamma-jamma Belt. I actually stepped in to talk to Bonnie about coming with me to a networking event for which I was the keynote speaker; I planned to use boxing as an illustration for how to get started with social media.

As we were chatting, I mentioned my intense curiosity about what it would be like to actually get in the ring and throw a punch at a real person.

You know what they say about curiosity and the cat?

Now it’s on, baby. I’m getting special dispensation to miss church on Sunday (gasp!) in order to show up for her class, after which she’s gonna gear up and put me in the ring with her. Understand, now — Bonnie will not be throwing any punches. I’m supposed to punch her. Never fear, there’s no actual chance that she will be injured in any way. Please worry about me, however.

I was fine fine fine on the heavy bag. Fine, I tell you. Aaargh.

It gets worse. Remember the speech about boxing and social media? Well, Bonnie DID come when I spoke at Cisco about social media, and she brought her giant championship belt, too. I politely introduced her, raved about boxing, told everyone I was having my debut with Bonnie in the ring on Sunday, ha ha, ended my happy little speech, and started Q & A.

And a woman in the back raised her hand and asked if my bout with Bonnie was going to be broadcast on video. I may have reacted somewhat strongly with my “Absolutely not!” because I saw a dozen sneaky grins light up in the room.

People, this is NOT something you want to see. If you’ve gone out clubbing with me, you know how dorky and ridiculous I look when I dance. It’s not like Elaine bad, but it’s bad. I’m probably at least that dorky looking when I box.

I hope for your sake that it’s not bad enough to be viral.

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