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Breakfast of Superheroes

Okay, people. You need to get more protein into your mornings, and ease back on the Lucky Charms. Anyway, you’re wasting money on the Lucky Charms when all you do is eat the marshmallows and leave the oat-y bits. So save those for a dessert and listen up.

You work, play, and train hard, so you need a power start in the morning. The sugar / empty carb overload plan is not going to do it, and don’t fool yourself into thinking that whole grains on their own will, either. I cycle through the following four breakfast menus:

Steel cut and rolled oats with cinnamon apples and ham

Put half a cup of water in a pan on high. When it boils, add a quarter cup of steel cut oats. While those boil, chop up half a big apple. Turn the oats to low and add a quarter cup of rolled oats. Chop a 3 oz slice of lean ham and put it in the bottom of your bowl. Take the oats off the stove, mix in the apple, and dump the whole thing in your bowl over the ham. Sprinkle heavily with cinnamon. Heaven.

Protein berry smoothie

I buy frozen berries and use them when I need them. On a protein berry smoothie morning, fill a large bowl with frozen strawberries and raspberries and defrost them slightly in the microwave. Dump them in your food processor and add frozen blueberries, soy milk, and a giant scoop of soy protein powder. You can also add a scoop of creatine if you’re working to build muscle. Don’t add orange juice! Too many super-sugars, and you will find the berries are plenty sweet enough. Lovely.

Eggables omelette crammed with veggies

I use Eggables (or the generic grocery version) in cartons because they have less fat than regular eggs. Shake the carton and pour a layer into a medium-sized preheated iron skillet. The mix should sizzle going in. Grind fresh pepper over it, and leave it to cook on medium while you wash and chop half a box of mushrooms. Put mushrooms in a giant bowl with about 4 cups of fresh spinach leaves in the microwave with a plate over the top to hold in steam and wilt it all down. I throw in some chopped onions too (I keep some in a baggie in the fridge). Your omelette should be cooked through; slide it out onto a plate, peel a stick of mozzarella string cheese over it if you like, and pile the veggies on top. You might be able to fold the monster, but you might not. Powerful!

Cottage cheese with red pears, raspberries, and almonds

I’m lactose intolerant so I don’t eat this as much, but I take a tablet for that if I am going to have this breakfast. Chop half a red pear, half an apple, and a full cup of defrosted raspberries into your bowl with a cup of cottage cheese. Top with chopped almonds. Pure pleasure.

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2 Responses to Breakfast of Superheroes

  1. Jennifer June 18, 2009 at 11:02 pm #

    That picture was just awesome! My husband glanced it over my shoulder and had to know what I was reading about 😀

    Those breakfast ideas sound really yummy! I’m usually too much on auto-pilot on work mornings to whip up something like that but they sound divine for the weekend and/or a breakfast-for-dinner plan.

  2. Lisa Creech Bledsoe June 19, 2009 at 11:40 am #

    It is a good picture! I’m slowly learning the ins and outs of Creative Commons licensing, and pretty much everything I use on my blog comes from Flickr.

    And yeah, it’s a pain to have to do the cooking or chopping in the mornings, but I guess you could chop your fruit in the evening and leave it in the fridge. I never did any of this before I started boxing, but I find that I’m willing to do nearly anything in order to support not having my ass handed to me in the ring! Some motivation, huh? : )

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