busy day

Items the Maker created today:

  1. Automatic Waver (pictured, giving a kind of “live long and prospmuuuhhhh” wave).
  2. Carved Ivory Soap boat, with sail (also pictured).
  3. Snowperson — no head, melted before photo could be made.
  4. Nifty nametags for everyone’s chair at supper; ripped off by brothers before supper.
  5. Scary masks made out of paper grocery bags; one with a mohawk, affixed with tape.

Items the Maker destroyed today:

  1. My Remington 1875 blow-dryer, which gave faithful service for many years before it was forced to repeatedly inflate a rubber glove. After it burned out, an alternate approach (see image) was conceived. Necessity is the mother of additional expense.
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