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I Won My Fight!

On my post-it note for Atlanta Corporate Fight Night I had written: Go Breathe Fight Party. I really tried to use all single-syllable words for simplicity’s sake but it just wasn’t worth giving up that last one. And the hardest one of the four? Coming in at number two, over and over again: breathe. It […]

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My Boxing Ring Name

So I admit I’ve been thinking about my boxing ring name for a while, not that I ever admitted it to anyone. Er, until now. And I’m only confessing because I actually had to turn in a name for this fight in Atlanta. I am telling myself that in roller derby I’d have had to […]

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I Have a Fight, People

Stoked. Psyched. Wired. Talking in single-word declarations. Ok, let’s start over. Atlanta Corporate Fight Night takes place on October 21, 2010, and I already have my airplane ticket. I heard about this fight event a month or two ago, browsing around the web (Facebook, maybe?). I contacted the promoter, Terri Moss, and last week she […]

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Women's MMA

Fighting Burnout

The following post was written by my good friend June Elliot. June and I both train at the same home gym and have watched each other cycle through the inevitable physical and mental ups and downs in our respective sports. June has studied Okinowan karate, taekwondo, hapkido, Wing-Chun, Chin-Na, Mauy Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She’s […]

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Fight trading

My trainer and I have been busy hunting leads in order to find me a regional (ie, within a couple hours’ drive) fight. She really feels strongly that I may be investing too much time and money on a throw of the dice at this year’s Golden Gloves nationals. For example, what if there’s only […]

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Fighting in the Golden Gloves

It makes my stomach flip over just to say it: I plan to fight in the Women’s National Golden Gloves Championships in Florida this July. This will be a bonifide, grade A, kick ass and get your ass kicked tournament. Three days, single eliminations: keep winning, keep advancing; losers lay on the beach or watch […]

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I’m looking for a fight

I didn’t start out that way, honest. I started out just looking for a way to stay in shape despite a crunchy knee that prevented me doing distance runs. And there was that heavy bag that the Husband carted home for the boys that piqued my interest. But even when I shifted gears from regular […]

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