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Interview with Crista Orefice

Remember Zoltar, from the Tom Hanks movie “Big”? You gotta watch out for those crazy boardwalk games, they will flat mess with your life. Wanna know how Crista Orefice, 37-year-old board-certified music therapist and a singer/songwriter from New Jersey got her start in amateur boxing? Wait. I’ll let her tell it. Ummmm, boardwalk games and boxing, Crista? […]

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a boxing ohana

A Boxing ‘Ohana

Sasha Parulis didn’t go looking to create a documentary; instead the project seemed to find her. While on vacation in Hawaii, Sasha recognized Sonny Westbrook (pictured with Sasha, above) as a boxing coach and cast member of the television reality series, “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” She introduced herself and as they communicated over the next […]

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