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I’m looking for a fight

I didn’t start out that way, honest. I started out just looking for a way to stay in shape despite a crunchy knee that prevented me doing distance runs. And there was that heavy bag that the Husband carted home for the boys that piqued my interest. But even when I shifted gears from regular […]

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What I use my lingerie bags for

What I Use My Lingerie Bags For

Calm down, I’m not really posting about lingerie. But you know those nifty little mesh lingerie bags that you are supposed to use in order to keep your delicate lacy whatevers from getting torn up and damaged by the big bad washing machine? Yeah, I use them not for lingerie (I’ve been into “nots” today), […]

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Why I box

Why I Box

I box in a suburban gym. Everything is branded “LA Boxing” in chirpy red and blue. The branding makes me think Hollywood weight loss, and in fact, most people are here to lose weight or get fit. It’s clean, carpeted, and full of sunshine most days. There are no cement floors, wooden pallets, musty lockers. […]

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First Boxing Trophy

I Got My First Boxing Trophy

I now have my first boxing trophy and it’s purple. Yesterday it was reddish purple, but it’s trending darker today and headed to black, I suppose, then the normal green and yellow. I’m feeling all Fight Club. I’ve been tilting my chin up and doing show and tell with my “I’ve been eating uppercuts” bruise […]

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Boxing Cloud

Tag Cloud Art!

I just discovered Wordle. You feed it text, you get art. Tweak the art, post it to a gallery. Repeat as needed! It’s quite addictive, but I’m sure I can stop anytime I want to. The first piece below read the last few posts on my blog. The next one I put in the text […]

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I'm Learning to Box

I’m Learning to Box

It sounded good at the time, anyway. This summer I decided to shift away from running as my main aerobic exercise since I felt like I was always complaining about how many miles I wasn’t able to do. My right knee has that distinctive Rice Krispies sound that tells me I may have to schedule […]

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