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This Year I Will

A 2013 that Doesn’t Suck (at All!)

It’s that time of year. The gym is jam-packed and your Facebook stream is clogged with manic resolution-making fiends. That’s fiends, not friends. Although they’re probably your friends, too, and otherwise normal. I resist the resolution-making frenzy, probably in the same way I unplug from Thanksgiving (“traditionally,” we do a day hike, and eat PB&J […]

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Peace Sign

Runner Redemption

Ready for my confession? I’ve made them before (see here and here), but it must be time for a fresh one. Forgive me, people, for I have sinned. Again. But this story is different, I promise. I went for a run this week and in the course of the first mile alone I found myself […]

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Running on my pace

Get Off My Pace

Athletes are wack in dozens of small, odd ways. I like to think of myself as a happy exception — I don’t have to wear my lucky shirt, or kiss the bat, or rub the Buddha’s belly, or do my stretches in a particular order every time. But I do have a… thing… about people […]

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Interior Ass-Kicking

So I’m walking around at Lake Johnston, which has a lovely 5K circuit, getting ready to run. I like running Lake J because it has one mile flat, one mile hilly, and one mile I-may-die hilly. AND a fabulous 100-yard boardwalk across the lake finish. Nothing like hearing your footfalls echoing across that last football […]

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Screen shot 2011-03-07 at 5.31.59 PM


I’ve been offline, trying to catch my breath between wave sets and wipeouts. The turbulence of job shifts (I’m now working from home rather than from an office in another city), training shifts (my trainer moved out of state, my fight is coming up in April), and other big and small events and financial re-arrangements […]

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Creepy Skeleton Guy

Not too long ago this weird little creature started showing up in his freaky poses all over my kitchen. One day he was resting in peace on a carefully folded tissue pallet in the windowsill; another day he and his death-defying grin suddenly appeared on the chair in the study. He has a nice heft […]

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