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Fighting Burnout

The following post was written by my good friend June Elliot. June and I both train at the same home gym and have watched each other cycle through the inevitable physical and mental ups and downs in our respective sports. June has studied Okinowan karate, taekwondo, hapkido, Wing-Chun, Chin-Na, Mauy Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She’s […]

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Cyborg Defeats Coenen

This was one of Cris Cyborg’s best fights yet. The savage beauty of her power-hand hammers dropping from standing and partially in-guard positions is undeniable. These are the blows that ended the Cyborg-Carano fight so quickly last summer. I am impressed that Strikeforce challenger Marloes Coenen withstood so many of them before the fight was […]

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Grandma Wants a Fight

This is fantastic. I can’t wait to hear how this powerful 49-year-old from Walla Walla, Washington does in the cage. Her name is DeEtta Peterson, and she’s been training in jiu jitsu and MMA for four years and is an instructor at her home gym, Calhoon’s. She narrowly missed out on a debut in the […]

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Nelson Defeats Slice

Roy Nelson Defeats Kimbo Slice

I’m new to MMA, and to look at these two fighters, I immediately picked Kimbo Slice — in all his big, cut, scary glory — as the potentially superior fighter to fat-bellied Roy Nelson. Nelson has skinny arms, less reach, more gut, and he just screams “redneck.” Of course Slice (whose real name is Kevin […]

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