Chandelier Shoes

The eulogy
My last pair of standard work-horse medium-high black heels (Aerosoles) were faithful and true and lasted three years, but they just gave up the ghost this past winter so it’s that time again. Don’t you just love a short eulogy?

The praise
I have this big presentation tomorrow. Black symphony-length skirt, all that. So I need shoes! Now, I don’t mind shoe shopping at all. I love the way shoes stores are organized (this one was according to height of the heel, but my all-time favorite layout is by color). And that whole “buy one, get one half-price” WORKS for me, girlfriend. I’m trying to remember if I have ever come out of a shoe store with only one pair of shoes. But I digress. Check these hot mamas out.
Those are just sexxxy (in fact, the brand is called X-Appeal), and far too high for me. Four inches if they’re a centimeter. I’m clearly attracted to danger. I could injure myself, but I strutted around the shoe store last night in these and my denim shorts and Def Leppard tee shirt. There is No Way In God’s Expanding Universe that I will be able to wear them all day long, even though I bought two pairs of gel inserts and will put both pairs in at the same time. But they are just too voluptuous to wear only infrequently. So I told the husband he would have to take me out to a place with chandeliers. I think that’s entirely reasonable. Otherwise they just cost too much, right? I believe every woman (and some guys) would agree with that logic.

PS: the other pair I left the shoe store with were cushy, happy, soft, wonderful, every-day-at-work Bj√∂rndal’s. Teddy bears for your feet. I mean, without actually BEING teddy bears for your feet.

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