Christmas Eve

The Plugged-In Prayer, with Food

During the Christmas holidays during the year the First was four, our electricity had been out for a good part of the week due to a freak NC snowstorm. Because of the timing, it made a pretty big impact on the First. Shortly after the drama had subsided, we once again made his favorite comfort food — using electricity — over which he said this prayer. He was elated to have things back to normal. (I can’t imagine why the Altoids made it into the prayer, though.)

Thank you God for Altoids and the lights that are on, the electricity that came back on a few days ago, and for that red stuff. Also for mangos, and what’s that stuff? Macaroni and cheese. Amen.

“Now,” he announced to the two of us, “Let’s sing ‘Kookaburra!'”

Image by willapalens

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  1. Mary Jo January 4, 2010 at 12:00 pm #

    Gotta love that red stuff, and also Altoids.

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