Christy Martin Wins

Christy Martin Breaks Hand, Wins Title

Last Saturday at Battle at the Expo 2 the announcer brought my trainer into the ring between fights to tell the world that Bonnie “Queen B” Mann planned to come out of retirement, and might be able to get a fight with three-time world title holder Christy Martin, whose record was 48-5-3 until this week. Martin is 41 years old, and has been on a mission to bring her record to 50 wins before retiring.

That mission, and the hopes of a fight between my trainer and Martin, may now be in serious doubt.

This week in Syracuse, NY, Martin fought Dakota Stone (9-7-5) in a 10 round co-main event for the WBC Female Junior Middleweight Championship. At the beginning of the 10th round, Christy Martin threw an overhand right in an effort to finish the show with a knockout. “I knew the second I did it that it was broken,” she said later. She spent the rest of the round keeping her right in and working her jab, and won the majority decision, bringing her record one notch closer to her goal.

Stone, who is 40, was irate with Martin’s success. “I’ve broken my hand in fights and nobody knew it,” Stone said. “I didn’t let it show and I didn’t play that card like she did in there, making sure everybody knew she broke her hand.”

Although it sounds a bit like sour grapes on Stone’s part, it does make me wonder whether Martin might be able to heal up enough to get to 50 wins. Getting older sucks when it comes to quick and thorough recoveries, and a boxer’s hands are critical. It can be done, but it will definitely be a battleground if Martin decides to keep going.

She was quoted after the fight as saying that she was ready to hang up the gloves. I’m hoping she’ll change her mind as she begins to heal. I’m ready to see Martin v. Mann, what ever it takes.

Image Credit: Gloria Wright, in the Boxing Debuts at the State Fair Grandstand set
*I don’t know how the permissions on this photo work; it wasn’t clear on the site. I’ll be glad to take it down if necessary, but I hope that everyone will go over and see the incredible shots the photographer got of the fight. LCB

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