Currently Beside My Bed

1. Wikinomics, by Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams
Three-quarters read, flagged with post-its, highlighted; very good read
2. Thinkertoys, by Michael Michalko
Thumbed through
3. Print Magazine, March/April 07 issue
Read, flagged
4. Cursor’s Fury: book three of the Codex Alera, by Jim Butcher
Just started, good sci-fi series
5. Fast Company magazine, April 07 issue
Haven’t even opened it yet
6. Atomic Ranch magazine, Spring 07 issue
Read twice so far (well, looked at pictures and ads)
7. Bon Appetit magazine, May 07 issue
Still in the plastic
8. MacWorld magazine, May 07 issue
Read once
9. Bust magazine, Febuary/March 07 issue
Read once
10. Uncut magazine, March 07 issue
Read, CD ripped, one great new band discovered
11. HTML 3.2 Visual Quick Reference Guide
I am SO not gonna read it, but I probably should

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