Cyborg Defeats Coenen

This was one of Cris Cyborg’s best fights yet. The savage beauty of her power-hand hammers dropping from standing and partially in-guard positions is undeniable. These are the blows that ended the Cyborg-Carano fight so quickly last summer. I am impressed that Strikeforce challenger Marloes Coenen withstood so many of them before the fight was called.

The few serious blows Coenen was able to score did not even seem to phase Cyborg; it was as if they didn’t exist and never connected. Cyborg was a moving mountain, a force of nature. The forums are already bursting with misogynistic comments about Cris Santos’s gender; but when I look at her I see an powerful and irrefutable woman. Nobody ignores Cris Cyborg Santos.

The conversation now should begin to revolve around Erin Toughill as the next contender; Toughill’s background as a pro boxer should bring to a Cyborg-Toughill match a stand-and-strike game to relish.

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