darth vader on twitter

I hate Twitter. However, I love Darth Vader on Twitter! I’ve posted some of Mr. Vader’s entries here for you to enjoy:

  • Found my Padawan hair braid the other day in an old drawer. Guess I’ll use it as a cat toy…
  • I was just about to set the Death Star’s course for your silly little backward world when I read this article. Mr. Whitwell has earned himself a position as my newest admiral. Some say its a blessing, others a curse. I’ll let him decide.
  • I told Ozzle to prepare TIE Fighters for departure & he thought I meant “thai fighters”. Now my elite troopers are covered in spicy noodles.
  • I sense a disturbance in the Force. Nope, it’s just that burrito I had earlier.
  • Note to self: Throw out Padme’s old recipes. The after-effects of the “Naboo Burrito” are no fun when you are trapped in a pressure suit.
  • You’d think our Imperial spy network would have caught the construction of a six story ion cannon on Hoth. Why do I pay these people again?
  • Helmet polish: 10 credits. Ewok taxidermy: 45 credits. Seeing the look on Solo’s face when he first spotted me on Bespin: Priceless.

Hit twitterholic to see who the 100 most popular twitterers are (including mr V), where they are currently located, and how many followers and friends they have. Or visit the Dark Man’s Twitter Page your own self.

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