What They’re Dissecting

Owl pellets. Cool, huh? The Maker did a paper on them (see below, typed in exactly as he wrote it, though I haven’t included the two original illustrations), then they ordered the pellets from — yes — an owl pellet store. Finally they poked them apart with toothpicks on my kitchen table, and I’m SURE they sanitized it afterwards.

“Owls” by the Maker, age 6
Owls have camoflage. They can sit very still. They can be very quiet. They can fly silently. God made their wings in a special way. At day owl’s pupils get small. At night they get big. And that is because in the day they don’t need as much light. And in the dark, they need a lot of light. What owls eat: Mice, chicks, skunks, rabbits, snakes, frogs, birds. Owls swallow most of their food whole. They cough up what they can not digest. Those are called pellets. Pellets usually have bones and fur in them. Owls live on every continent except Antarctica. Twenty one kinds of owls live on North America.

I can’t wait till the project on llamas. We’re gonna need a bigger kitchen table.

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