Don’t Underestimate the Geek

The Husband says his favorite storyline can be classified with Jack Nicholson’s line from “A Few Good Men”: “You just messed with the wrong marine.” I’m thinking that’s a bit off, because you would want this to be spoken by Tom Cruise’s character, not Jack’s. However, you get the idea. It’s quintessential “Three Days of the Condor” stuff; big government/legal/mafia/police entity goes after someone (unfairly, of course) without realizing that there’s a man (oh es, sugar, a MAN) in that group who won’t go down easy and in fact may kick much butt, win the day, and take the woman. Don’t underestimate the geek, people, even if he looks like Robert Redford or Harrison Ford.

It could be that “12 Angry Men” and “All the President’s Men” go on the list, in addition to the ones above. Dustin Hoffman, now there’s a geek. Chicks dig him.

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