Tween Dress Code

The First informed me that there are precisely six categories of stereotypes proudly (or shamefully) enforced in the tween set these days:

1. Preps, identified by their “dressy” clothes. The rule is that you can dress up periodically without retaining any stigma that might otherwise be associated with this moniker.

2. Geeks, who “just wear anything.” In my day, these were the guys (and sometimes girls) who belonged to the chess club and killed our curve in geometry class. They took a lot of crap for allowing their moms to dress them, but didn’t seem motivated to change.

3. Goths, who wear black, ornate clothes. Twenty years ago we called these people theater geeks, and they often wrote poetry in velvet-covered journals and had a penchant for long black trench coats.

4. Emos, who wear “tight-fitting” clothes. I didn’t inquire further, but I suspected some of these people are also theater geeks, and I know for a fact that they like glow-sticks and raves.

5. Metalheads, who wear “rock stuff.” I’d say this group hasn’t changed a bit, and in fact they are listening to many of the same bands that we were in the 80’s. When I was in high school, these could easily be confused with “freaks” or “potheads.”

6. Skaters, the holy grail of all die-cut identities, according to The First, identifiable by their “baggy” look and obvious-to-everyone cool factor.

Thus sayeth The First, while standing, slightly slouched, in his giant-sized hip-hopworthy (skater) jeans and shoes, heavy chain necklace with the trademark Led Zepplin wings (metalhead) AND a glow pendant necklace from the Dollar Store (emo), and his favorite 2XX My Chemical Romance (goth) shirt.

At least he and his tribe haven’t gotten matching Pink Panther shirts.

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