Eat Free Every Night

I wasn’t terribly surprised by the content of this video. I’ve known a few people (who were not homeless) who regularly eat the food our country throws away. I’ve been a part of the system that tries to reclaim some of it by taking it to shelters and even sending it to (yep) pig farms. I can also remember waiting tables as a teenager in high school, and being astonished that the same restaurant where the wait staff was not allowed to get any of the food at a discount (on our loooong 8-10 hour shifts) required us, at the end of the night, to throw out the all-you-can-eat buffet leftovers into the dumpsters and hose down the remains so that no one else could eat it, either.

While it’s scary for me to think about eating out of dumpsters, our wasteful practices also concern me. What do you think?

Hat tip to Twitterfriend Jeremy Allen; I originally found this on his blog.

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