Engine goosing for geeks

So, the Husband is working on refinancing our house, mortgage rates being so low and all, and that is just a genuine thrill to start with. Really, he’s read multiple books, cruised websites, asked for recommendations, the whole deal. I more or less ignored the whole thing until it came time to unfreeze my credit file. Since he was in charge of the bigger refinancing project, I asked him to be on standby through Skype, where we had a chat box open, in case I had any questions during my phone conversation with the Equifax people. This is a screenshot of our conversation. Now there’s an excited man.

Lesson learned, girls: when you’re looking to get your guy’s engine going, call Equifax and unlock your credit so he can refinance your house! Works every time for me!

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  1. Lance Bledsoe January 9, 2009 at 11:30 am #

    I was in fact thrilled that it was so easy (and quick) to get the unfreezing done, though I would have been even more excited if Equifax would have provided a way to unfreeze their file online. Experian and TransUnion both provide this, which made it super quick, super easy, and my wife didn’t have to make a phone call to them between 9am and 5pm.

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