Fame and Glory

You might think that because The Husband gigs regularly with a rock and roll band that he has as many admiring fans as a forty-something guy with a groupie wife and three raised-on-rock sons could desire.

Yesterday we were walking around the block and he began talking about a book he was going to write. Actually I was the one who said something like “Wow, you’re planning to write a book??” and he patiently corrected me, saying, “No, I’m planning to write a series.” Well, of course he is. Who would stop at one book if you could write a series?

So we were having a lot of humorous fun talking about the boo-, er, series, which incidentally will be kind of like Robert B. Parker’s (only better, of course) or Ed McBain’s (see previous parenthetical comment). There can be no more enjoyable thing that TALKING about the book, sorry, series, you are planning to write.

Unless you want to talk about the interviews you’ll give. Because why write a plain ol’ normal series? Go ahead and write bestsellers.

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