fan enough for both of us

The Husband loves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Everyone who knows him is aware of this. So whenever Reese’s comes out with yet a new form of this candy – say, “inside out” (peanut butter on the outside, chocolate on the inside) Peanut Butter Cups, or Valentine’s day PBC’s in the shape of little hearts, or white/dark/crunchy chocolate PBC’s, or a candy bar based on PBC’s, — the Husband often receives a little gift of the new item from someone he knows. He’s pretty “eh” about it; the originals suit him perfectly, and if it ain’t broke why fix it?

Me, I find all the shapes and sizes and varieties and packages infinitely compelling. I’m a sucker for innovative package design and marketing, regardless of the product. I recently wasted 20 minutes of a (patient) co-worker’s time raving about the clever “true” hinge and lid design on the new Eclipse sugar-free mints tin. I bought Shrek M&M’s, marketed as “Ogre-sized” and “Swamp Colored.” I obsessively watch for the holiday Peeps even though I would never actually eat Peeps. If they had Martin Luther King, Jr. gum I would buy it, if it was marketed creatively (think about it, it could be cool: black and white and brown all in the same package!).

So, all of you who give the Husband cool new candies, please disregard his subdued reaction. I love them. Keep ’em coming.

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