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Fight Night: Battle at the Expo 2

I will never be an MMA fighter. One tiny slip-up that another fighter can take advantage of, and boom, you’re in a arm bar or choke hold or whatever, and you’re tapping out and all those months of training for a fight vanish in a flash, leaving you blinking in the aftermath. Nope, not me. I prefer civilized violence that goes on a bit longer; I’m a boxer to the core.

Jeff signs a fanThis was my first time seeing amateur and professional MMA fights live (and from the second row ringside); I was impressed with the guts of these guys, very impressed. Most of the fights were over very quickly, although one of our teammate’s fights went the whole three rounds and he won in a decision; that was a nail-biter well worth the cost of a ticket. Another of our guys lost his pro boxing match in a major upset at the end of the night, but the team rallied around him because we all know it could just as easily have been one of us suffering a painful loss. It not only sucks to lose, it hurts too.

Boxing TeammatesOverall it was a great show, from the ring girls in their acrylic light-up platform heels to the posses, banners, flashy satins and soundtracks that some of the favorite fighters paraded in to their matches with. And some really great fights.

You can see my photo set here, and I’ll let you know when the next Battle at the Expo gets scheduled (probably November), and you can join me ringside!

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