Fight trading

My trainer and I have been busy hunting leads in order to find me a regional (ie, within a couple hours’ drive) fight.

She really feels strongly that I may be investing too much time and money on a throw of the dice at this year’s Golden Gloves nationals. For example, what if there’s only one other woman in my weight category? Then we have spent time and money for airfare and four days/nights in a hotel but we only get one bout on Saturday night. Or what if there are six of us in my category and the draw pits me against someone with way more experience? Then I get creamed on the first night and again I’m out a heavy financial and time investment (and come home furious). And this tournament would not include anyone else on my team, unlike most tourneys where one trainer takes and supports several boxers.

I’m sure as hell gunning for a fight, and Bonnie’s plan is to help me get several bouts this year. Her goal is to get one by July, and she hopes to get at least three to five for me in the coming year. Bottom line: she wants me to put off Golden Gloves until next year. I’ve decided that I’m willing to trade this year’s GG for some fights within driving distance.

SO. Big change. And yet I’m still getting a fight, which soothes me no end. She wants me to keep working at the same level; keep my diet and workouts on schedule as planned so that I can be fight-ready as soon as we book a match.

Feeling pretty okay about this so far. And I don’t plan to completely ditch the idea of the GG Nationals for this year until I actually have a fight on the books.

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