Five Ways the First is Cool

Last week the First attended a public school for the first time in his life. He’s in seventh grade. When he came home I asked him what the best thing about his first day was, and he told me he had participated in a game in one of his classes in which each student had to tell five interesting things about themselves to the rest of the group. Here’s the First’s list:

1. I’ve flown a plane by myself before. (True, when he was 10 we sent him up with a friend of ours who is a pilot. It’s been his favorite experience of all time ever since.)

2. I broke my nose playing golf. (Sort of true. When he was five, he and some friends were whacking stuff with golf clubs in the back yard — unbeknownst to me — and one of the older boys wasn’t looking when he swung, and cracked the First right between his eyes. Very bloody, long day in the ER, purple glue instead of stitches, you can hardly see the scar anymore. Don’t let your little boys play with real golf clubs, buy them the plastic ones. Also no bats, no sticks, no spoons, forks, or knives. Never mind, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid this stuff if you have boys.)

3. I once went 25 mph on my skateboard. (Um, unknown and unknowable. However, he was skateboarding down the hill in our subbie when a generous neighbor went by in a car and “clocked” the First doing 25. Interpret how you will.)

4. I’ve been homeschooled all my life. (Yep.)

5. I don’t have a TV. (Also true, and a continuing source of annoyance to our three boys. Although not as much an annoyance as our lack of a PSP, Wii, and/or XBox. I think the First won the Pity Vote with this one, if he didn’t already have it with the nose-broken-while-playing-golf story.)

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