French Breakfast Radishes

French Breakfast Radishes and Haiku

I couldn’t resist these pink and white gems in the grocery.

They’re French Breakfast Radishes, which I hear are easy to grow because they tolerate the heat well and stay sweet and tender even in adverse growing situations. They’re easy to find around here, and so full of flavor and crunch that you’ll find yourself picking up a bunch of them again and again.

These radishes inspired me so I determined to actually eat them for breakfast (sadly I could not eat them in France), sprinkled lightly with salt and white pepper, moist and crunchy. I would have added lemon juice if I’d had any. Some people like them on crostini with cream cheese; I think they are divine all by themselves.

If I were making a summer salad, I might layer them with fresh basil leaves, and drizzle them with some extra virgin olive oil and white balsamic vinegar. Mmm.

They call for a haiku, don’t you agree?

The Man Pulling Radishes
Kobayashi Issa, Early 1800’s

The man pulling radishes
pointed my way
with a radish.

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