Get Back Wonder Woman!

The features of Wonder Woman’s wrist cuffs:
1. Can stop bullets

The features of the Maker’s wrist cuff:
1. Screen One: Text messaging
2. Screen Two: Video conferencing
3. Button One: Ice (“If you are on a cliff, and there’s another cliff across from you, you can make an ice bridge across to the other side.”)
4. Button Two: Flames (“If a bad guy is throwing ice at you, you can flame it up.”)
5. Button Three: Invisibility (“This button also lets you go through things, so if your Mom sends you to your room, you can still go through the walls to go outside and play.”)
6. Button Four: Speed (“If you only have 10 more seconds to get to work, then push this button and maybe you’ll get there in only 2 seconds. Also if your brother is sick and there’s no hospital in America, you can carry him really fast to Africa.”)

After a bit of thought The Maker said he’s also adding Underwater Breathing and Super Strength (presumably since the technology is so readily available), and Fly because it’s a short word and fits.

All this on only one cuff. Just imagine what he could do with two of them.

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