Grandma Wants a Fight

This is fantastic. I can’t wait to hear how this powerful 49-year-old from Walla Walla, Washington does in the cage. Her name is DeEtta Peterson, and she’s been training in jiu jitsu and MMA for four years and is an instructor at her home gym, Calhoon’s.

She narrowly missed out on a debut in the cage last week when her scheduled opponent couldn’t make it, but she expects to get a fight before she turns 50.

She’s gorgeous and comes across well on camera, which I hope will translate into some added attention for women in the sport. I hate that the comment stream where this story is posted on Yahoo is mostly garbage, but at least she got a television station to air her story and a couple of websites are picking it up.

I say ignore the idiots and kick ass, Peterson! Good for you.

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