heart day emails

Dilbert is in stark contrast to our office today, where there are a dozen beautiful red roses and these luscious chocolate cakes filled with mousse in the kitchen with the hot coffee/espresso/lattes. Also each person got a tiny heart box with three little chocolate hearts in it. Plus we have lunch catered today (mostly because we have hot-shot visitors in). It is just so nice, and it makes me feel guilty that I didn’t do a single thing for either your mom or mine. I made you a mixtape, though.

Sometimes I enjoy the sentimental consumerism, especially when it isn’t connected with the church.

The Husband:
I finally gave up and subscribed to Dilbert myself. It’s just too funny.

I haven’t done anything for your mom, or mine, or you either. But I don’t feel especially guilty about it.

You are allowed to enjoy sentimental consumerism. If you start enjoying it too much and buying Precious Moments figurines I’ll let you know, but I don’t really expect that to happen.

Oh, honey, just when I was just thinking we should go to Disney Land for our 20th wedding anniversary!

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