How eBay solves sibling rivalry, eliminates need for parenting!

This week the Husband emailed me an update on his productivity:

So far this morning:

  1. Finished reviewing two reports, sent final versions to Bob
  2. Called two piano teachers I found online, left messages
  3. Sold “Blue Eyes White Dragon” card to the Ice for $3.66 (my cost)

To which I responded:

I’m baffled by #3. WT..?
Otherwise, uRock.

And he elaborated:

You may (or may not) recall a scene a few years ago in which the First and the Ice decided to purchase and share a set of 40 or so YuGiOh cards. I was concerned that they’d fight over who got which cards, but they assured me they had a system by which this would be avoided.

As soon as they bought and opened the cards, they began fighting over who got which cards, and the fighting centered on one particular card, the famous “Blue Eyes White Dragon” card, which is apparently the greatest YGO card ever created. After much yelling, accusations, and tears, I took the card away from them and said neither one of them could have it (and made a note to myself to never let them do that again).

Rather than tearing up the card and throwing it in the trash, I put it in our closet thinking at some point in the future, everyone would calm down and maybe they’d figure out a way to share it or something. YGO eventually fell out of favor as an activity, so the problem went away.

Recently, however, YGO resurfaced as a cool thing to do, and the Ice and the First began playing YGO duels, gaping at each other’s cards, and, eventually, arguing over ownership of particular cards. One such argument erupted over a BEWD card which the First claims to have bought from a friend at school (I can’t find the one in our closet, however, so I remain suspicious.). The Ice came to me in tears a few weeks ago, claiming that his big brother actually had not one but two BEWD cards and had promised to give one to him but later reneged. The First apparently offered to sell it to him for $20.

Tamping down both fury at the First and annoyance at the Ice, I went on eBay, immediately found several BEWD cards for sale, and purchased a total of five, average price $4.00. I walked the Ice through the process with me and explained to him that it probably wasn’t a good thing for his big brother to be his only source of information on YGO cards, much less his only source of the cards themselves, and that if it was really important to him to own one of these cards, he should find out how much they cost and buy one from someone who is not his older brother, and that eBay was a good place to do this.

Anyway, after I bought the 5 cards online, I told the Ice he could buy one from me if he wanted, and he had told me a few days ago that he was thinking about it, and today we finally got around to it.


Lord have mercy and thank you eBay. (Plus, if I can get the Husband to buy some stuff I want there, then sell it to me for even less than he paid for it…)

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  1. Laura Brown June 25, 2008 at 7:34 pm #

    This story is so amazing and true. Empowerment parenting. Undermining the bully . . . even when he’s your own son. As the mother of two oldest children, I have to do this quite often! I love you guys. You remain among my most favorite people ever.

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