How Lucky Numbers Get Changed

The Maker recently brought me this piece of paper, and waited expectantly for me to invite him to tell the story behind it. So here it is, in his words:

I was collecting those can tops, the little tabs. [Ice] was too, and he said, no I’m having a collection and you can’t have any of them. He doesn’t like me “copying” him. I was asking him to give me a lot.

He said, “You can just have a little bit.”
And I said, “Like three maybe?”
He said, “Yeah.”
I said, “Why, ’cause it’s my lucky number?”

I wanted a lot, so I changed my lucky number to a high number, so now it’s six.

I like my new lucky number cause it’s a good number and usually people get chicken pox when they’re six, usually, and I guess that’s why it’s a good number.

When I’m seven, I don’t know.

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