how to build your own staircase runner (and dismantle it quickly)

First what I did was I just started rolling the masking tape roll down the stairs. Then I decided, “I need to catch it somehow before it goes off the stairs.” So what I did was, I got a tissue box that all the tissues were used. And then I taped it to the bottom of the stairs so the masking tape roll would run into it. I made a ramp at the very top of the stairs so I could make it go faster and higher. To make the ramp, I taped a ruler to the top of the stairs.

To make the staircase runner work, you put the roll of masking tape at the top of the stairs on the ruler and let it run down the base of the banister rail and it gets in the tissue box at the bottom! It makes a thump when it lands in the box. It doesn’t go in the box every time. You gotta get it real straight so it will go straight to the box. — The Maker, age 6

PS: Take off the masking tape before your mom gets there or she’ll yell at you for taping on the paint.

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