TGE Badass Guide 2

How to Lose or Quit Your Job and Become a Badass Writer

My compadre in badassery Sonja made me take out most of the all-caps words for this new little book of ours, but it’s still undeniably loud, rude, and strewn with inappropriate and deliciously fun tips, tricks, anecdotes, and EVEN some powerful real-life pointers. If you’re thinking of becoming a writer, and you’re not scared of having a little fun along the way, you must read this book!

It’s FREE (just for a day or two, then $2.99, woah!)

And as of the time of this posting, it’s free! That won’t last, so click over and gobble up some yummy chocolate-and-whiskey-flavored pixels now!

And it also includes…

You’ll hear her tearful tale of woe and wonder, and I’ll tell a bit of my own story, which includes spreadsheets, sharks, and unicorns. Sadly, we forgot to include more cowbell, but wait! You’ll receive not one but two, two check sheets for capturing your own whiskey-pissing dream unicorn AND (spoiler!) yet another limerick. Maybe even two.

I promise not to include any more limericks in future books. Unless you just want more. Let me know. I’ll pander to anyone.

We hope you’ll leave us a review!

And we both know it’s a monstrous pain in the patootie, but if you would be willing to write us a review on Amazon, we promise to send you a virtual karmic whiskey-scented massage and some heavy (but entirely pleasant) vibrations of intense and slightly drunken happiness.

Like this… (You people ROCK our world)

Just finished this ebook and was actually guffawing into my morning tea and toast. (And it’s research AND I still have time to write this morning.) As a writer (note how I said that, ladies)…working on my first textbook, I found this book hilariously on point with the process, not to mention downright practical. But not just for writers! If you have ANY project or goal that you wish to reflect your core beliefs on how to get more out of your dreams, this book is worth checking out. Peppered, ok–littered– with irreverent slang and saucy language, you’ll imagine yourself at a girl’s night out with free-flowing wine as you read this. (At least that’s how my book club runs, doesn’t yours?) Or maybe you’ll just feel that one of these girls is actually your best high school girlfriend and MAN, are you glad she’s still in your life. READ!

— Crystal Robbins

Snif. I just love Crystal, and ALL OF YOU ROCKSTARS who left us amazeballs reviews on our first book, Bagels, Dirty Limericks, and Martinis: The Badass Guide to Writing Your First Book.

Next up: Publish Like a Bona Fide Badass + TREAT

We hope to release Book Three, on Publishing, in the Badass series next month, and even before then, we’ll have a special little TREAT that you’ll only be able to get by hopping over to our website at (hint: it’s a free book, and you LOVE free books) and getting on our email list.

I PROMISE YOU we aren’t sending many emails over there (too much work, and we’re basically lazy-asses); just letting you know when we publish something new. The TREAT will be available in the next week or so, but you gotta be on the list to get it!

And even MOAR…

We have books on marketing your book, editing, and blogging coming later this year! Why? Because we like you. If you work it juuuuuust right, you can replace the M-I-C with B-A-D… K-E-Y with A-S-S… Then you have to kind of squish in W-R-I-T-I-N-G. But it works. We made it work, anyway. Of course, we were drinking. (But only one of us filmed ourselves drinking, heh.)

Now go get your Whiskey-Pissing Unicorn badassery without delay!

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2 Responses to How to Lose or Quit Your Job and Become a Badass Writer

  1. Beverly Alfredson May 7, 2013 at 3:44 am #

    I actually have this on kindle. Took me time to read it because of the laughs. This is a good book. I recommend this to all the readers out there.

  2. Lisa Creech Bledsoe May 7, 2013 at 7:25 am #

    THANKS for the good recommendation, Beverly! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, and even got some larffs. 🙂 I’ll bet you’re working on some writing dreams of your own?

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