how to save money on groceries

The Husband and I went grocery shopping together earlier this week. That’s a fairly unusual thing, since somebody has to be on parent duty. But we asked the First to look after the others, and tested our homeowner’s and family heath insurance policies to have a mini-date at the corner grocery store.

I’m pretty sure we won’t do this again.

Now I understand why, when HE’s on grocery duty, he comes home with so few groceries, and I’m the one who runs our bill up so badly.

The Husband figures that the best way to save money is to go really fast through the store. I mean, he books on through there. If I wander over to pick out pasta and sauce, you can bet he’ll be in dairy by the time I turn around. And he won’t get cheese or eggs while he’s there. So I have to traipse down the aisles, arms full of groceries (adding more as I go), looking for our cart.

I thought it might work better if I controlled the cart. So I commandeered it briefly, but I didn’t keep my hands on it at all times. I spent a minute looking for the Magic Stars and when I turned around he was at the other end of the aisle with our/MY cart, turning the corner and leaving me with two arms full of cereal boxes and no possible way to grab toilet paper (Yes, we have plenty, but t.p. is important!) as I ran up the paper aisle.

The frozen aisle was the worst, and since it’s also the last aisle in the store, our marriage was in dire straits by then. So I showed him: I quit shopping! Now what do you think will happen when he opens the freezer hoping for a pot pie or a burrito, hmm?

What will happen is he’ll be glad we saved the money and he’ll happily settle for pizza. He got plenty of those.

Sigh. I know when I’m bested. He’s a smart man, if a bit hasty. Next time he can do the shopping and we’ll spend the extra time and money on a real date.

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