how we have smelled over the years

The Husband:
High school – Chaps by Ralph Lauren
Chaps was created in 1979, about the time the Husband hit 8th grade, a year or two before we met, and I know he was wearing it intermittently by 10th grade. He doesn’t remember who bought it for him but I’ll just about guarantee it was his mom. Thanks, Gram. It was very decent, and more importantly, it wasn’t Old Spice, which dads, but not boyfriends, wear.
Middle age – Bay Rum by Burt’s Bees
I started buying this for the Husband about 2002 or so. I love it when he wears it, but that same bottle is still mostly full. So sometimes I put it on ME when I go to bed at night. Sigh.

Junior high school – Love’s Baby Soft
This perfume was created in 1974 and by 1975 every girl in my school had it on. You totally MUST click the link to see the amazingly sick-o ad I remember. And egad, it worked.
High school – White Linen
Created in 1978 by Estee Lauder, this fragrance appealed to me because it was sitting on the Goldsmith’s department store cosmetics counter when my mother took me to purchase Clinique lipstick which I never wore because in the 80’s we wore Bonnie Bell roll-on lip gloss. It seemed refined, elegant, and grown up. The perfume did, too. Heh.
In my early 30’s – Coco by Chanel
The marketing calls it Mysterious. Provocative. Sensuous. Maybe I would wear it again if I went to the opera more often. Or if I was a private eye. Definitely then I would wear it.
In my late 30’s – Black Cashmere by Donna Karan
One website says this is “an exquisite blend of lustful spices.” Well then.
Last year – Au Thé Rouge by Bvlgari
This one is Sexy, Vivacious and Radiant, all of which I can attest to. Smells kinda like cherry tea, too, which is decidedly better than smelling like, I don’t know, fruit stripe gum.
A month ago – Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermes

Definitely my favorite, because I like to say it. HERRR-MEEZ, I try to say as often as possible. I’m wearing it now, while sitting in bed blogging, and the Husband is sneezing like mad. I finished nearly this entire post before I noticed his face was starting to swell.


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