I {heart} skull crushers

Maybe it’s just the name I heart. No, it’s the glow of danger. Who wouldn’t love dropping this offhandedly into a conversation: “Yeah, it was a pretty good workout; got some solid skull crushers in.” Sign me up, baby.

I found it in my Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Boxing book as I was trolling for something to hit my triceps harder. You lie on a bench with your head just over the edge. Hold a barbell or curlbar (I use 35 pounds) directly above your head with your arms fully extended. Lock your elbows in place and lower the bar toward your forehead. Keep your elbows in and don’t move your shoulders. Return the bar to the full extension position.

It feels awesome. The second time I tried it in the gym two other guys watched me sidewise and immediately after grabbed barbells and did their own. I’m telling you, the glow of danger, it’s like the beach and a postage stamp bikini. Guys dig it.

Consider it mine.

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