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Three-Padlock Pee Dream

You know those dreams you have when you have to go to the bathroom?

You dream you are at the fair, have finished six cokes, and you go to the ladies’ room but there are no empty stalls.

Or the line has 65 people in it (none of whom are in a hurry) and it’s the only bathroom for miles. Or you are lost and can’t find the bathroom. Or you can find one, but you can’t get the stall door to shut! Your dream-brain will do whatever it takes to keep you from the satisfying conclusion to your dilemma, making you miserable until you finally wake up, drag yourself out of bed, and trudge down the hall to the bathroom.

Last night I dreamed I walked into the ladies’ room, no line, no wait, and an entire row of empty stalls.

Sighing in pleasure, I went in a stall and saw not one, but three padlocks on the inside of the door. Happily my dream self twisted open one of the padlocks (really, three was overkill, don’t you think?), hooked it through the fastening, and snapped it shut.

But before I could find relief, the door drifted open.

Dream padlocks aren’t worth a damn, no matter how many of ’em you have.

Image by thisisbossi on Flickr

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